Digital Drink Boards

Digital signage is making its way into the food and beverage industry at an astonishing rate. The SteinSign offers a completely custom digital drink menu, specials or food menu, that blends right in wth your current decor, matching in every detail. Our cabinet designers are the best in the business, and our digital creative team can personalize your fonts and backgrounds to match your brand perfectly.

We even offer a plug-n-play version of the SteinSign for you to use any preexisting monitor or TV on the premises.

SteinSign will display your beer, spirit, and/or cocktail list and update in real time, with an easy to use web interface soanyone canupdate your menu(s) on the fly, when taps run dry and kegs get tapped.

Gone is the liability of employees climbing on a ladder 30 times a week to change your chalkboard. Contact us for a free consultation.