MDBS Application Framework Development 30-Day Retainer


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Building the MDBS Deli App involves the design and development of a new e-commerce platform for use by MDBS Inc. The current kiosk based system is inadequate, hard to maintain, and is not creating high enough customer adoption.

The new application must be simple to use and requires access to enable MDBS administrators to upload new products, images, content and metadata.

The scope and tasks required to build this application will follow the timelines outlined within in order to deliver the components at the associated costs listed. A list of deliverables and assumptions is included herein.


Objective 1 | Design a clean, modern e-commerce platform that delivers a seamless and engaging user experience in order to maximize sales revenue.

Objective 2 | Build a highly functional CMS which retains usability for multiple user accounts to simultaneously access and upload/edit content.

Objective 3 | Ensure analytics and security are in place to maximize uptime and customer adoption.


1 | Store design, development, and launch

The designs presented with the proposal will be the basis for the design of the app.  Design work will be submitted and sign off will be required before proceeding to development. 

2 | Information Architecture

Once the design concept is confirmed, work can begin on building the database and server architecture which will serve as the main API for the CMS and the mobile application.