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Founder Stien Davis personally overseas every client, every project, every problem. He began his career in the US Air Force, with a Top Secret government security clearance in military cryptology and cyber security. After Desert Storm, he entered the private sector for his real passion, a newly termed universe called interactive. After creating an interactive company named Max Appeal, his video jukebox kiosk patents caught the attention of a European corporation, who bought his company in 2001. Stien makes ideas manifest. He provides development, production, and creative support for entities such as Sprite, Kobe Bryant, The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Reebok, Body Glove, Bloomingdales, Playboy, Popchips, Disney, Sony, Y2K, and Apple’s Beats By Dre. Stien enjoys spending time with his family, coaching soccer, and working with his not-for-profit organization.

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President and Chief Executive Officer

Brian Kawamura is a seasoned executive with over twenty-four years of experience in the Telecommunications, IT, Software, Finance and Energy industries. Brian has held various senior management positions that include CEO, President and COO for several publicly traded firms. Brian has successfully launched three IPOs; negotiated numerous company acquisitions, and has raised capital for, and administrated, several very successful start-ups. Raising over $2 billion in funding for several business enterprises, his many notable successes include Sprint, Western Union Communications, Litel, MFS Communications/Worldcom, KMC Communications, Electric City Corp, eCharge2, and Terra Firma Technologies.

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Security Director

Hannibal Davis has a unique project management and quality assurance background. Starting with his military beginnings with the US Air Force IT, he writes and manages procedures that are still in use in the warzone today. His Top Secret government security clearance gives him access to the latest in military grade cryptographic technology, and cutting-edge firewall and security standards and practices. Hannibal takes pride in refining the process, making things better, more reliable and functional.

He takes good things and makes them great things.

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Senior Developer

Darryl is a Microsoft Certified IT Professional with over 29 years of IT experience and 15 years of experience supporting Information Systems and Services. He has just about every Microsoft certification available, including a Top Secret government clearance and the CompTIA Security certification. Darryl started his career serving in the US Air Force, where he managed the web servers for Anderson, Travis and Clark Air Force Bases. Darryl brings oversight and management skills with experience in managing multiple teams, which total 500 plus personnel. His favorite phrase, “Do it right the first time, or don’t do it at all.”[/icon_box][icon_box icon=”fa fa-gavel” icon_position=”left” title=”Joseph Giralamo Jr. “]

Legal Council

Joseph Giralamo Jr. provides consulting and legal services for Creative Transit. He founded his private practice in 1996. Prior to earning his law degree in 1995, Mr. Giralamo, spent several years in public accounting where he provided tax and management consulting services for various clients. Today, Mr. Giralamo’s area of expertise is in corporate law, with an emphasis on taxation. When not spending time with his family, Mr. Giralamo volunteers his time as a manager of one of the local baseball teams, as well as serving on the board of directors of a local not-for-profit organization.[/icon_box][icon_box icon=”fa fa-bank” icon_position=”left” title=”Joseph Giralamo III”]


Joseph Giralamo is the founder of Joseph & Associates, a CW Holdings company. Joseph & Associates is a privately held public relations firm with over 10 years of corporate communications experience, grassroots & non-traditional marketing knowledge, strong command of modern advertising methods and sales proficiency. His Motto: “We Deliver Effective PR Solutions.” He provides strategic brand development, management & protection options for Creative Transit to influence its presence in the marketplace.[/icon_box]

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